Loose Pins

We supply a vast assortment of high quality German Staedtler+UHL pins/needles for all your needs*.

The range of industrial pins we can provide you with is virtually unlimited.  For specific inquiries, simply contact us.

For the standard types of textile pins Staedtler+UHL uses electric steel
with a maximum purity and a very high percentage of
carbon. The wire used as basic material is selected with
utmost care and employed only if it unconditionally
meets their specific requirements: maximum accuracy in
diameter, perfect roundness, absence of scores and pores on the surface, and perfect structure given by even distribution of the fine carbide grain as result of careful annealing. For special purposes, Staedtler+UHL also manufactures pins from rust and acid proof chrome nickel steel alloys, for example V2A, V3M extra and V4A.  Another special steel is used for fibrillating pins and perforating pins which enables them to be offered in high wear resistant quality. Further steel qualities can be processed upon customer request.

Some of the pins we provide are as follows and not limited to:

  • Comb pins
  • Pins for porcupines
  • Temple pins
  • Gill pins
  • Fibrillating pins
  • Flat pins
  • Round and flat pins bent
  • Hackle pins
  • Card pins
  • Perforating pins
  • Pins for drawing instruments
  • Pins for tatooing
  • Pins for tobacco
  • Steel pins of all kinds
  • Pins for tire remoulding
  • Pins for Air-Brush
  • Axles and shafts
  • Special executions according to sample or drawing

*Please note: Specific specialty pins may require a minimum order.