Faller Bars

NSC GC bars are available new or can repinned to your specifications.
NSC GC disposable bars are also available.

We are proud to offer a variety of Faller Bar options for your specific needs. Repinning services are our specialty. Your existing Faller Bars can be repinned depending on your required specifications using top quality German pins. As a part of our repinning services, we clean and inspect each and every bar for metal fatigue, warping due to lapping, and wear. Every bar that is suitable for repin is then straightened, gauged, and deburred to ensure a perfect fit in the machine.

Precision Comb Works also provides new bars or disposables (only offered for NSC GC) per your request. For a full list of Faller Bar options, feel free to contact us.

Steel Warner & Swasey bars available in both six inch and eight inch sizes.

Steel Cognetex faller bars are available.

And for your GN Machines, Precision Comb Works offers new GN bars, or can repin your existing bars.