Cotton Vario Circular Combs, Top Combs, & Top Comb Plates

Staedtler+UHL VARIO high performance Circular Combs are adaptable without problem to any combing machine. The VARIO-System consists of a basic body which is equipped with replaceable VARIO bars.

In accordance to your technical requirements as to fibre type and type of combing machine Staedtler+UHL will work out an optimised combination of VARIO bars for each specific application. Such fine tuning of VARIO bars permits an optimum combing of the cotton fibres with a minimum percentage of noil.

If the VARIO-System is partially damaged, for example through a machine accident or overloading of cotton fibres, replacement of the whole segment is not necessary as it is the case with traditional systems only the damaged VARIO bars have to be replaced by new ones. Since the undamaged VARIO bars can continue working in the machine, maximum economy is guaranteed.

Top Combs

Based on the expertise of Staedler+UHL in the area of cotton combing, we offer the Vario System top combs in different executions: standard, self cleaning (VARIOTOPPLUS), and pneumatic (PNEUMATICTOP). Additionally, top comb plates are offered in VARIOTOP FX, XL, and XLS.

Top Comb Plates

The VARIOTOP FX is a standard top comb plate made of high quality aluminium alloy, while the VARIOTOP XL is manufactured using a special synthetic material to ensure extra life of the top comb plate in the areas the plate contacts the machine. For extra durability in high speed operations, the XLS plate is also available.

Top Comb pinning densities (specialty pinnings can be accommodated upon request):

  • 21 pins per cm
  • 23 pins per cm
  • 26 pins per cm
  • 28 pins per cm
  • 30 pins per cm
  • 32 pins per cm

Some of the machines that Staedtler+UHL VARIO-System/ Top Comb products are compatible with:


  • E 7/4, E 7/5, E 7/5 A, E 7/6, E 60, E 70, E 62, E 72, E 65, E 75, E 76


  • P 1, P 2, PX 1, PX 2, PX 80, MC1, CM 600


  • CM 400, CM 500, CM 500S


  • VC 250, VC 300, VC 300A, VC 3, VC 5, VC 5A




  • CM 8, CM 10, CM 100, CM 110, CM 110A, TCO 12


  • LR 7/4, LK 250, LK 54, E 7/4, LK 64, LK 69


  • TCO 1, TCO 12

Textima (CSM)

  • 1531, 1532, 1533, 1534, 1535

Saco Lowell

  • 140, CA


  • J 7B


  • FA 261, FA 266, FA 269, F 1268A, A 201, FA 261A, FA 266


  • A 201, PX 2, CJ 40, CJ 60


  • JSFA 286, JSFA 288


  • HY 68, HY 68A

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